Start date
Duration (weeks)
2 - 3 times per week
Number of students
Lviv, Ukraine
Eligible candidates are students of 3rd (and higher) years of studying technical specialties, graduates, postgraduates. Experience will be a plus.
Expected audience
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Basic description

PHP is one of the most popular web development languages. It has been used on Facebook, Wikipedia and many other websites. PHP is simple for beginners making it perfect for a start and making a career.

Required skills

- the level of written and spoken English – B1 and higher;

- web-development basics (HTML/CSS/JavaScript);

- LAMP basics;

- programming skills – JS and PHP;

- confident knowledge of algorithms and data structures, OOP (JS and PHP);

- database theory (SQL RDBMS);

- analytical thinking and ingenuity in solving non-standard tasks;

- quick learner;

- self-disciplined;

- structural thinking.

Training details


Drupal Full-Stack Program is aimed to prepare software engineers to become able effectively work with Drupal 7&8 platforms in both back- and front-end directions. We are going to start from learning or revising basics of web-development, further moving to cover PHP language and finishing by intensive course about Drupal 7 and basics of Drupal 8.


Registration period till October 5th, 12 pm.

Testing period: October 8-9;

Interview period: October 10 - 12th;

Approximate start date: October 15 (the date could change)

The Program participants’ selection process consists of two stages:

1. TA specialist will first check the applicant’s English level (15 minutes) and tech basic level (~40 minutes) by means of a computer test.

2. The applicant will be invited to an interview with one of the instructors (~30 minutes).

Details of the program and recommended literature are attached above.

All registered candidates will receive an e-mail invitation to testing. 

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