Start date
Duration (weeks)
40 hours per week
Number of students
Saratov, Russia
Tankistov, 37
Students of 4−5 course and graduates with higher IT education
Expected audience
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Basic description

Java is one of the top three most popular programming languages and is intended to develop enterprise-level applications.

Required skills

- Understanding of OOP principles;

- Java language basics;

- SQL basics;

- Basic of web technologies;

- English at least Pre-Intermediate (A2+).

Training details

This training prepares software developers in Java. 

Candidates should have programming skills and strong understanding of object-oriented programming principles.

Expected audience: Students of 4−5 course and graduates with higher IT education. 

Frequency: 40 hours per week. 

Location: Office of EPAM Systems (Shelkovichnaya 11/15 or Tankistov 37). 

Duration: 3.5 − 4 months.